Lettuce & Gramatik Get Funky In Dallas

//  10/09/2014

Gramatik rose to fame because of his soulful, sample based electronic funk production on Street Bangerz Vol. 1-4 albums and his work with the Pretty Lights Music label. Highly regarded as one of the major factors in the rise of his genre, and while many have tried no one has seemed to capture what Gramatik does in the studio as well as on stage.

Gramatik – “Break Loose”

Lettuce is a jazz/funk fusion outfit that was formed in 1992. This crew has been crushing the jam band scene for the better part of the last two decades…but it feels like they’re just getting started. Lettuce first grabbed critical acclaim with their album Outta Here in 2001,  and their live album they recorded while in Tokyo. Taking influences from groups like Earth, Wind and Fire, the group has carved out a niche of their own in the world of funk and jam. And don’t forget the spin-off bands. Members of Lettuce have gone on to form their own brand of supergroup. Bands like The Nth Power, Soulive and Break Science all planted their musical roots with various members of Lettuce. Feeling the need for real FUNK? Then you’ll be there this Friday at the House of Blues in Dallas.

Lettuce (Live),” Do It Like You Do”