D.V.S* – “Comfort Zone” | New Album Out Now | Emancipator’s Loci Records

//  12/09/2014

D.V.S* has done it again!

Loci Records is pleased to announce an 8 track offering titled “Comfort Zone” from Austin, TX based electronic composer D.V.S*. On the scene with a steady stream of highly respected releases since 2009, D.V.S* aka Derek VanScoten notes that the tracks here represent his most wholehearted commitment to downtempo. Using a golden combination of calculated synth work, guitars, banjos and mandolins, coupled with expert electronic programing, the melodies shine through as plush soundscapes for an extraterrestrial sunset. Loci label head Emancipator says about the project, “Each song on this album is an imaginative story told through sound. D.V.S* has created a most satisfying balance of beats, atmosphere, and leads, both familiar and boundary pushing.”

EP opener “Something Always Happens” masterfully sets the pace with a playful eruption of vocal snippets easing the listener in. “Elbow From The Sky” kicks the tempo up, yet keeps the vibe cerebral with a driving electro leaning throb. Single “We Could Be feat. Jayce” puts the listener in an elevated state with its pastoral vocals and anthem like expansiveness. Rounding it out is “Holdin On,” a fitting conclusion to the joyful journey experienced by listening to “Comfort Zone.”

With a goal set out of actualizing the blissful beats happening in his head, D.V.S* has been able to create an album with deeply focused intention. As he states “I recently had a daughter, and since then I’ve taken a real close look at what does and does not work for me creatively. There’s only so much time when you become a parent, but that’s a blessing because every move is so much more intentional. It can be a very positive thing, because you’re only keeping what works.”

“Comfort Zone” is available now from Loci Records.
Track list:

1. Something Always Happens
2. Winter Is Coming
3. Elbow From the Sky
4. Hashu feat. Stèv
5. We Could Be feat. Jayce
6. Scents and Paints
7. Holdin
8. Decoy